poniedziałek, 31 stycznia 2011

Won Hundred

I'm looking for something like that (vegan version of course). Any ideas??

This are Won Hundred shoes- pictures stolen from http://boohyouwhore.com

Katie Gallagher

I've just discovered Katie Gallagher. I must say that I quite like her new collection. Maybe it's not my cup of tea but I enjoy this a bit geometrical, mostly monochromatic looks.


niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011

I love Hannah Marshall's clothes! Just look at this brilliant dresses. Futuristic but somehow classic forms. Well known 'little black dress' gets a new appearance.

This is my faveourite one!

And Hannah herself- also fabulous.

Now, cheer your ears!

The Very First Time

I've been thinking about my own blog for months. Today I'm brave enough to start one.
Hope you'll enjoy it and help me keepin' it alife.

I adore Boris Bidjan Saberi work. His clothes, shoes and jewelry are generally monochromatic, dark and stark. There's an amazing movie from his latest collection that I want to show you. I know that it's not SO new, but anyway, it makes me mesmerized every time I watch it.

I think that he mixes military 'arabic' style with vision of postapocalypse and quite eco, minimalistioc look. And I'm really into!!

Photo sources:  http://blog.squa.re/

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