poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011

I'm not sure if I will be able to publish posts everyday. I haven't written it yet, but I've got my GCSE in two months so my time is a bit limited. Anyway, I'll do my best to keep this place alive.

Weekday.com offers a great variety of clothes in different styles- starting from skate stuff and ending on the romantic one. Fortunately, I found also something for me. As always my choices are black, layered and simple. I hope you're not bored with it yet.

niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

Uncondtional F/W 2011.

I suppouse that most of you know asos brand. Thanks to my friend, I dicovered yesterday Uncondtional. You can buy their clothes on asos website. F/W 2011 collection is simple, geometrical and kept in gray colour scale. I like especially jackets (both male and female ones). Matt and gleam fusion is one of my favourites and looks really satisfying here.

sobota, 26 lutego 2011

I'm a fool that I haven't shown you Ann Demeulemeester 2011 yet! It's pretty amazing. What surprises me the most is the blue jacket. I haven't thought that I may like something that is neither black nor gray but... voila! Here it is!

Dandy riots!

piątek, 25 lutego 2011

Lui Hon. Henson.

Ladies and gentleman, the weekend has started! It changes nothing but I hope I'll have some time to improve my sewing skill. It's the fourth week of my blogging and my first thousand of visitors. Thanks a lot!  You can stay with me as long as you want.

Yesterday my post was really laconic. The reason was my new job. Today I'd like to write something more...

Do you know Lui Hon's spring/summer 2011 collection?? Photos aren't perfect- especially the orange background annoys me- but clothes are nice. As usually on my blog they consist of many harmonized layers of cloth. They emphasize body shapes and fall smoothly with curves.

It's also a good time for jewellery. I know that it may bore you but I've got AGAIN some simple bijoux. It's somehow cold, unformed and shapeless (necklace). Nonetheless, all the cracks and imperfect details make the beauty of it. Henson!

czwartek, 24 lutego 2011

I'm so excited! I've just got my first real job! Nothing special but it's always good to get some money.

Some jewelry today. It will be something simple and industrial. Chronicles of never:

środa, 23 lutego 2011


I know that ss 2010's past but I'm impressed by Claude Maus collection. It defines well my sense of good casual wear. I just want to have all those clothes in my wardrobe!

When I look at them I'm sure that they're extremely comfortable and that I could spend all my day wearing them and feeling well. I also adore this model- she's got a really great body. She looks perfect in all those clothes. Does anyone know who is she?

I can't stop looking at these  stuff. Nothing extravagant, just daily looks.

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