wtorek, 31 maja 2011

MFP FW11/12 'FORTUNA' from MariaFrancescaPepe on Vimeo.

I guess I'm in love. I totally adore the atmosphere of this video. Everything is so consistent. Music and light, models and fabrics, space and ambience. It's Maria Francesca Pepe's latest collection.

Now, her spring/summer 2011 stuff.

sobota, 21 maja 2011

Georgia Hardinge.

My dears, I've just discovered Georgia Hardinge and I think that it's not the last time I mention her. I am totally in love with the printed projects, especially those ones close to the body such as leggins. They emphasize women's bodies perfectly, the shape is both sharp and gentle. Minimalistic but embossed. I hope you like it.

By the way- I'm unemployed again.

All the photos from: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/

poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

Agnieszka Maciejak.

I don't present polish designers too often. But today I've got something that you should definitely see. Even though people in Poland are total ignorants I can't believe that they haven't heard about Agnieszka Maciejak. Of course, they know Anja Rubik, sometimes Kasia Struss. Nonetheless Agnieszka Maciejak is not anonymous. She's a great designer, known better in defferent countries than in Poland. It's sad and true. Polish people prefer to glorify dead rather than alive people.

I hope that when you see Maciejak's designs, her outstanding leggins, you'll be as delighted as I am. I wish I could have a one of them in my wardrobe.

All the photos are from her blogspot: http://agnieszkamaciejak.blogspot.com/

niedziela, 15 maja 2011

Complex Geometries.

As you could see many times before, complex geometries is among my faveourite brands. That's why today I'd like to give you this pleasure and let you see cg fall 2011. I guess it's one of the most... colorful posts I've ever published here.

Nevertheless you can expect more of it. I mean, in future it's quite possible that I'll push back dark clothes. I'm just tired with them. I don't feel comfortable and confident, anymore. Anyway, I'm always going back to black. 

There's one more thing I'd like to add. I want to ask you to cross your fingers. Tomorrow I'm gonna get the mail with very important information. I've taken part in one contest. The prize is one-year scholarship on one of the greatest artistic universities in Poland on fashion design departament. Of course I'll inform you about the result.

With regards,

* all photos are from http://nymag.com *

niedziela, 8 maja 2011

I've already finished the first part of my school leaving exams. Now I've got 3 more- oral exams this time. Nevertheless I'd like to share with you some extra stuff from well-known OAK! There's a lot of new things to see.

I can't believe that I like those shoes with a silver front. Moreover, I'm thinking about buying silver oxford shoes. I hope I'll resign, otherwise it's quite probable that they'll be lying down in my wardrobe. Of course today's clothes and accessories are from different designers, mostly Rick Owens.

I know that there are also some boys visiting my blog. That's why I decided to add a male stuff too.

There's one more thing I'd like to share with you! It's Dead Weather's song 'Treat Me Like Your Mother'. Listen up and enjoy!

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