piątek, 31 sierpnia 2012

It's a final countdown for me. Four weeks left. I'm a bit excited but anxious these days and because of that it's quite possible that I'll have to change my daily posts to something not so frequent. But don't be afraid, my readers- I have a fresh supply of jewellery for you.

EAburns plays with blocks to create something very special. In her collection you can find not only  black pieces. Actually it's easier to find neon green and yellow necklace than something dark. Which one do you like the most..?

czwartek, 30 sierpnia 2012

Sometimes when I find photo like that I just can't stop looking at it. There's something deep in it. I love the contrast and this cold atmosphere. I picked only a portrait for today's post, but you can check different photos from this lookbook here.

Stone Crow Designs.

wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

Do you know what I hate about Netherlands? Huge spiders. Yesterday I have a not-so-nice visit. One guy with eight legs and about eight cm in diameter wanted to give me a good night kiss. Fortunately my boy told him to get lost. And he did.

I started to post photos from here on my new Odious Style Facebook where, of course, you can like me (very much). Today my new discovery- Ksubi webstore. Those black jeans are my number one.

poniedziałek, 27 sierpnia 2012

Shopping is so easy these days. One click and you get what you want. Webstores overwhelm us with sales but of course we don't mind as long as there's something interesting to choose. I'd rather check what's new- just like today. I serve you a few fresh pieces from Pixie Market.

niedziela, 26 sierpnia 2012

Black is a perfect colour. It's suits to every occasion, every colour and every body shape. Even if you don't wear black with such intensity as I do, I bet you have at least one very, very dark dress or top in your wardrobe. I prefer total look.

So does Ovate with Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection.

sobota, 25 sierpnia 2012

Summer is coming to an end even though we'd like to keep its warmth for a bit longer. Not only season is changing but also my life. I'm moving out from Netherlands soon leaving last year behind me. I hope that the next place will be my place.

I'd like to prepare to colder days as good as possible. I'm looking for waterfall jacket or coat, layered sweater and a pair of heavy boots. Luckily for me, I can find all those things in Unconditional A/W 2012 collection. You should definitely visit their online store and check the sale.

piątek, 24 sierpnia 2012

  I have never wanted this blog to be just an album. On the other hand I know that most of you don't even read posts. I am neither a journalist, nor amateur writer, not even talented enough to write about fashion in creative and interesting way.
  For me it's quite funny when girls my age or even older, with no knowledge and no experience try to be the most professional bloggers in the world writing about nothing. I'll spare you that here but I promise that I'll pick up the gauntlet and try harder to publish at least three sentences every time I'll post something.
  Anyone against...?

Today Gemma Land and her designs printed on wool and silk. Not really my style but I do like this doll make-up and her boots.

Click to see  full size.

środa, 22 sierpnia 2012

If I had any wishlist, I would probably put a book clutch as my first item. I'm dreaming about the one with 'Dracula' or 'Frankenstein' cover... There's a nice DIY tutorial here.

wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

poniedziałek, 20 sierpnia 2012

Dóra Mojzes S/S 2012.

One of my faveourite trends of all seasons is peplum. That's why I was so pleased when I saw Dóra Mojzes SS 2012 collection. I can't copy her photos to show you them here, but you can (should!) visit her website.

Here are some clothes from her previous collection. You can buy those pieces at Not Just a Label.

niedziela, 19 sierpnia 2012

Did you know that your wardrobe needs only a few elements? If you consider them well you can juggle searching for new looks. Check it!


(Just click the first one to see  the original size)

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