środa, 30 marca 2011

I can't wait to find some interesting collections. New collections, of course. Before I'll get them I'll be publishing online shops new stuff. I bet that most of you know net-a-porter.com.

As always- lots of layers, simplicity, monochrom. I adore those perfectly fitted sleeves. Gucci leather jacket resembles me a little Ann Demeulemeester gear. Pants are also fabulous- I like this cut and the gentle shine. Ain't cheap!

Gimmie them all! 

Top Shop.

I've just recognized that I haven't mentioned yet some important for me things. I publish here lots of leather stuff. Nonetheless I'm vegan and I wouldn't buy such clothes because of my attitude- not only in fashion but in my whole life. The fact that you can find here so many non-vegan stuff means only that I find them, their forms and cuts, inspiring and interesting. I wish, one day, I could find some designers whose projects are agreeable with my sense of ethics. Till that day you'll see more things from Wang, Saberi and Manamis, even though I don't support materials that they use creating new collections.

Veganism is the main ideology in my life. For those who don't know this term- vegans neither eat, use nor wear products that are aminals origin (such as meat, eggs, milk, silk, leather, bones, etc.). We believe that using creatures that feel and live is inapropriate. We're also against testing on aminals, circus and inbreeding directed on profits.

Now my dears, let me reaturn to the fashion. Today TOP SHOP and it's newest products. It was not so easy to pick some clothes up from the hippie collection that is so far from my taste. Enjoy!

poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

Pixie Market.

I'm quite up to date with pixiemarket.com. That's why I'll show you newest stuff that I like.

I' ve got a bad feeling that this is a rough time for new collections. Fashion blogs and sites are dead. Or asleep. I can't find anything interesting...

czwartek, 24 marca 2011

I need more space! More changes (any changes!). I want to run and burgeon. Name myself. I want to be independent.

I didn't know that Australia has got such a great designers. Those interesting projects are created by Carly Hunter. You'd better visit her website and check rest of her pieces.

Same with Kylie Hawkes.

 I think that this model looks fabulous.

środa, 23 marca 2011

Shoes from Marsell? Exactly! One of my favourite shoe-designers is a great example of simplicity in creating new forms or converting the old ones. Even though there's nothing shining and no colorful details catch eyes they may be a basic and the most important part of our look. I think that their major advantage is the fact that they can suit everyone.

poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

Song For The Mute 2011.

Great editorial from the Song For The Mute 2011 collection. Can't wait for more.

Rough time, my dears. 

wtorek, 15 marca 2011

Gareth Pugh.

Futurism ain't cheap. The designer that shows it the best is Gareth Pugh with his incredibly feminine collection based on black, simple forms with many seams that resembles (of course in cuts only) spacesuits from science fiction movies. Again I'm really into shoes/boots.

Two days ago I went to the nearest second hand and buy some really nice clothes- including asos blouse and voice of europe tunic. I wish I had a camre to show you those perles!

poniedziałek, 14 marca 2011

How is this possible that I didn't know Junya Watanabe before? Black forms as usually inspire me the most. Ladies and gentlemen, the JW's fall 2011 collection!

All photos from the vogue's official site.

czwartek, 10 marca 2011

środa, 9 marca 2011

I'm sure that you have already seen Ann Demeulemeester latest female collection. I chose some pieces that I like the most and want to share with you.

Need more time to live...

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