sobota, 5 marca 2011

Mandy Coon A/W 2011.

Dear people, I've just finished my first, 12-hours day of work. Nonetheless I'm strong enough to find something new for you. Today it's Mandy Coon a/w 2011. Very feminine and minimalistic. I like the jacket that resembles me Boris Bidjan Saberi style and those massive shoes from the last picture. Next time I'll publish Ann D. newest female collection (it's kept in the same style that the male one) or Aleksandr Manamis (I finally found photos in a quite good quality). 

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  1. ahh increasing designers are starting to use all black in their collections! first viktor and rolf, then gareth pugh and now this! i kinda love it in a way - makes you look at it for longer :)

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