niedziela, 6 marca 2011

As a  tyro worker I must say that it's not so easy to last half of day standing or walking amid hangers with only a short break to sit. My feet are quite pain, same with back. Even so I've got an interesting crew that is very helpful all the time ;) As I wrote a few day ago I'll have less time to take care about this blog.

I don't really like Wood Wood style. I checked WW website to make sure that it's not for me. Fortunately I found online store! And of course some nice clothes to publish here.

There's also something totally new for me. It's a online store that's got a really various assortment. I guess that everyone can find something for oneself.

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  1. I was not sure if to write in english or polish. But I decided to pisać in polski. Pierwsza sukienka ♥ Totalnie bym ją ubrała, uwielbiam takie skromności.


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