sobota, 12 lutego 2011

We're 2011!

Young & Restless Spring 2011 collection looks quite promising. It's mostly full of vibrant colours, based on a great cuts women gear. Fortunately, I found some black stuff that satisfies me. From my point of view, collection is inspired by futuristic vision of modern Asia but originally it's titled 'The Flying Squirrel'. That's why it is said that this collection should resemble a small, flying animal in a crowded, wild urban cityscape.

Perfect shoes. Perfect jumpsuit.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is always surprising and breathtaking. I haven't been there yet but I check carefully everything that's connected with it with hope that one day I'll see it myself. Today, I'd like to show you photos from Vilsbøl de Arce runway taken by Anders Hybel Bräuner. And once again (I know that I recur...) blow the whistle on shoes!

Photos via: and (you can find here other photos, especially the colorful ones from Y&R)
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