piątek, 25 lutego 2011

Lui Hon. Henson.

Ladies and gentleman, the weekend has started! It changes nothing but I hope I'll have some time to improve my sewing skill. It's the fourth week of my blogging and my first thousand of visitors. Thanks a lot!  You can stay with me as long as you want.

Yesterday my post was really laconic. The reason was my new job. Today I'd like to write something more...

Do you know Lui Hon's spring/summer 2011 collection?? Photos aren't perfect- especially the orange background annoys me- but clothes are nice. As usually on my blog they consist of many harmonized layers of cloth. They emphasize body shapes and fall smoothly with curves.

It's also a good time for jewellery. I know that it may bore you but I've got AGAIN some simple bijoux. It's somehow cold, unformed and shapeless (necklace). Nonetheless, all the cracks and imperfect details make the beauty of it. Henson!

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