wtorek, 18 grudnia 2012


It's the time of the year you can't just skip. Even if you try.

Every single exhibition and every cafe is decorated with christmas clutter. And it's not black. It's not even tasteful or acceptable. There are two ways  to survive this shiny attack but I have to admit that the second one is way less harmful (for both you and your family). The rule is 'fight it or join it'. For the very first time in my life I surrender and prepare christmas tree decorations... And gift lists.

The worst thing I've noticed is that if you stop withstanding you may start to like it. I warn you not to follow my path otherwise you'll end up with thinking about your christmas eve's golden- black outfit and mugs with reindeer. And it will be more satisfying than struggling agaist those cheap-plastic-golden snowflakes  and terrible dancing and singing Santa Claus toys.

Forgive me this post and my choices from below.

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