piątek, 4 stycznia 2013

Sea of Ghosts.

I'm kind of tired of all those super skinny-shiny-happy-up to date with fashion girls. I miss real people. Walking, working, breathing creatures with not always perfect bodies and not so white teeth. There are so many 'fashion blogs' run by cheerful teenage girls. What is my problem, you'll ask. My probelm is a total lack of creativity, taste and personal style. I don't wanna see next 100% H&M/Zara/whatever exhibition girl. If you take photos of your outfits you probably want to be seen as a fashionable, stylish girl. So... work a little. Dare to look good instead of properly. Don't copy someone's style.

To sum up, I'll post some photos of brilliant and very real Sea of Ghosts. That's a good example for you to follow. The jewellery below is designed by her. Adore and admire.

Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery. You can buy it HERE.

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