piątek, 5 października 2012

Not so pricy.

Even though I run this blog that is mainly about outfits and accessories I don't spend much money on clothes. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as buying inexpensive things. Why? Because they are not obvious. I have to look for them carefully , spend some time and energy to find them. I don't just pop into the shop and buy what's on the exhibition. I'm a good in hunting high and low. That's all.

Today things that you probably can afford without ruining your budget.

P.S. Instruction for those who can't find links in my posts. Every word that is written like that or THAT is clickable. Point your mouse cursor to such a darker and thicker word and click it. That's all.








1. Jersey peplum skirt
2. Snakeskin clutch
3. Waterfall cardigan
4. Peplum top
5. Square bangle
6. Ivory waterfall jacket
7. Body mist- shea

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1 komentarz:

  1. 1,4,6 <3. Szkoda, że mam mało okazji do noszenia bardziej eleganckich ubrań, a kiedy już je noszę, czuję się nieswojo ;)


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