piątek, 9 listopada 2012

Doo.rii. Yoga. Chanel no 5.

Yoga gives you the best mood in the world. You feel strong but flexible, focused but relaxed. Do try it at home!

Some of you have seen this short video before. It's definitely my aesthetics. Beautiful, strong woman doing a really good and impressive job. Watch it in HD! Don't miss details!

This is perfection.


My favourites are numbers 3 and 6.







There's a bad news for all Chanel no 5 lovers! According to THIS article at British Vogue, the most famous frangrance in the world may be banned. Why? As we know, EU is getting more and more restrictive. Due to new regulations about it's allergy- inducing ingredient, perfume industry may have some troubles...


Honestly, even though I have those parfumes and I like the smell, they really may cause the allergy. That is why I dose it carefully and never on my neck. Otherwise I have an awfull rash...

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