niedziela, 23 września 2012

Having my wardrobe full of black, white and grey things I must like monochrome. I left myself no choice. I'm still working on collages and it takes so much time you would never believe...

Cosmetics from the Body Shop are one of my favourites. They are natural, not tested on animals and not complicated, if I can say so. If you want strawberry- you smell like a strawberry, if you want a shea- it's really shea. Today Vanilla body mist.

Helmut Lang white top, the Body Shop Vanilla body mist, Rick Owens white boots, Top Shop faux fur hat, Donna Karan ceramic cashmere leggings, Hadya's silver cuff

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  1. As I've previously said to you, I'm also turning my wardrobe into black, white and dark colors. I've always loved black, but now it's like a necessity for me. Because of my job, it's not been always a possibility for me (I don't know why my boss is obsessed about wearing color), but now I've decided to finally follow my path and be who I want to be, forever. So I understand a lot, and I guess creating your collages is difficult (I'll try to create one someday). You do it perfect! I'm also in love with body shop (especially because they don't test on animals).

    I love your blog more and more.


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