czwartek, 20 września 2012

I like those small surprises when something is better than you thought it is. Yesterday I found one of the best polish fashion websites ever. I love the simplicity of SHOWROOM. If you're looking for something, you'll find it. Showroom presents work of talented polish designers. You can check and  buy their clothes, accessories and shoes choosing ONA (she) and ON (he). If you speak polish or your browser translates websites for you, you can read some articles on theis blog. I think it is very professional but accessible.

For most of you, my readers from foreign countries, prices are just like a dream. And... there's a sale btw. Enjoy your shopping!









1. UEG vneck tee, 2. Luiza Kimak sleeveless shirt, 3. Maldoror dress, 4. UEG double layered t-shirt, 5. Bartosz Malewicz dress, 6. Anniss jacket, 7. Bartosz Malewicz leggings, 8. Hanger shorts

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